The Children of Mary

Our Lady and Child

Children of Mary

The Children of Mary at Saint Anthony's Parish in Wanganui is a dedicated group of young girls who look to the Blessed Virgin Mary as their patroness and model. Embracing the virtues exemplified by Our Lady, the group actively participates in various charitable works and community activities within the parish.

Their contributions are diverse and impactful, ranging from preparing beautiful floral arrangements for the altar to ensuring the church remains clean and welcoming. These acts of service not only enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the parish but also provide the girls with practical ways to practice virtues such as charity, self-sacrifice, and kindness.

In addition to their service-oriented activities, the Children of Mary engage in fun and educational activities designed to foster personal growth and spiritual development. These activities are structured to help the girls cultivate virtues like humility and purity, following the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Guiding the group is a dedicated priest who serves as their chaplain, providing spiritual direction and support. He is assisted by a team of Dominican Sisters, whose wisdom and experience further enrich the girls' formation. Together, they ensure that the Children of Mary are nurtured in their Catholic faith and inspired to lead lives of virtue and service.

Through their devotion to Mary and their commitment to the parish, the Children of Mary at Saint Anthony's Parish in Wanganui exemplify the essence of religious dedication and apostolic spirit.

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