The Society of Saint Pius X in New Zealand

Mt Rupehu from the 2018 Boys' Summer Camp grounds

Campion House (St Anthony's Priory) is the headquarters of the Society of St Pius X in New Zealand, part of the District of Australia and New Zealand. The priory in located in the coastal city of Whanganui on the North Island. 

Four priests of the Society reside at the priory in Whanganui, which is a religious house of common life for priests. These priests care for the faithful of St Anthony's Church in Whanganui as well as several other Society churches and chapels from Auckland to Wellington and even internationally to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Within New Zealand the priests also teach at St Anthony's School and St Dominic's College as well as preaching retreats, hearing confessions and caring for the Catholic faithful who desire to keep the traditional Catholic doctrine, Sacraments and moral life.  

The Society has been active in New Zealand since the mid-1980s, although previously Catholic tradition was maintained by visits from Society priests and other resident priests since the 1970s.

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