St Anthony's Priory, like all religious houses of the Society of St Pius X follows a schedule set out in the Statutes by our founder. Msgr Lefebvre in writing those Statutes wished the society's life to be modeled on other missionary societies such as the Jesuits and Holy Ghost Fathers, of which he was previously the Superior General. Critical, in his mind, to the life of priests and their perseverance was community life. Therefore, the priests and brothers pray together four times each weekday and share meals together each day. These times are essential to helping the priest in his priestly life.

A typical weekday for the priory 

06:00       Low Mass at St Anthony's Church

06:10       Office of Prime at the Priory Chapel & 25-minutes mental prayer

07:00       Low Mass at St Anthony's Church & St Dominic's Convent

08:00       Breakfast

08:30       Start of School Day or Work Periods

11:25       Low Mass at St Anthony's Church

12:20       Office of Sext at the Priory Chapel & Lunch at the Priory

13:15       Afternoon work or classes

17:30       Rosary at St Anthony's Church

18:30       Dinner at the Priory

19:15       Evening work

20:30       Office of Compline at St Anthony's Church

As has been the custom for a long time in Whanganui, each Thursday there is all-day Eucharistic adoration from after the 07:00 Mass until the end of the Rosary, followed by a Mass in the evening at 18:00. During the months of October and May and also on First- and Second-Class Feast Days the Rosary is said before the Blessed Sacrament exposed with Benediction following.

Every First Friday there is also an evening Mass at 18:00 followed by all-night adoration, and on First Saturdays there is a Sung Mass at 08:00 following the Benediction.

Sunday sees three Masses at 07:30, 09:00 and 11:00. The 09:00 Mass is a Sung Mass.