Religious Staff

Both Priests and Religious Brothers of the Society of St Pius X make up the religious staff at St Anthony's Priory.



Fr Pierre-Yves Chrissement was ordained by Bishop Fellay in 2001. He was first assigned as a priest in France. Afterwards, he worked extensivly in mission countries including Martinique and Nigeria. Upon his return to France in 2021, he taught at the Society of Saint Pius X Seminary in Flavigny-sur-Overain. In 2022 he was posted to the position of Prior of Saint Anthony's Parish in Whanganui, New Zealand. His responsibilities include :

  • Prior of St Anthony's Priory and Pastor of St Anthony's Church.


Fr Todd Stephens was ordained by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais in 2009 at Holy Cross Seminary. His first assignments as a priest were in Syndey and Melbourne, Australia. He has also taught at Holy Cross Seminary, Australia before being assigned to work as St. Anthony's Priory in 2022. His responibilites include:

  • Parochial Vicar of St Anthony's Church.
  • St Michael's Chapel, Tawa.
  • Chaplain for the Children of Mary.


Fr Erik Julian Ladner hails from the town of Dickenson near Houston, Texas in the United States. He entered the seminary in Winona, Minnesota, and after finishing his studies in Philosophy was sent to finish his Theological studies at the SSPX Seminary in Goulburn, NSW, Austrailia. Ordained as a priest for the Society of St Pius X in December 2016, he was assigned to the Austrailian District, and stationed in the Sydney suburb of Rockdale, then for a time at the St Philomena's school near Brisbane, QLD. In July 2021 he was sent to join the SSPX priests in New Zealand. His responsibilities include :

  • Parochial Vicar of St Anthony's Church.
  • Chaplain for the Eucharistic Crusade.
  • Teaching : Latin & Catechism at St Dominic's College.


Fr Elias Campbell, O.S.B. is a Benedictine priest from Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in the Gila National Wilderness near Silver City, New Mexico, USA. Originally from Florida, he was ordained as a priest for the monastery in 2011. On loan to the Austrailian District from the monastery, he came to New Zealand to assist as chaplain for the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui, and also assists the SSPX priests with their pastoral apostolate.

Coadjutor Brothers

Br Vincent Mary Rustila also hails from the Philippines and perfomed his novitiate at St Bernard's Novitiate in Iloilo in the Phillipines. He has been assigned to the Whanganui Priory since 2013. His responsibilities include :

  • Church Sacristan.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Training for the Archconfraternity of St Stephen.
  • Priory, Church and School Laundry.