St Anthony's Centenary Celebrations

St Anthony's Parish, Wanganui

Saint Anthony's Parish is joyfully celebrating 100 years of the Catholic Faith in Gonville, Wanganui! Come and be a part of our centenary festivities. Here is what we have planned:

Solemn Mass and Parish BBQ - Thursday, December 5th: The celebrations begin with a Solemn High Mass at 3pm followed by a delightful BBQ featuring highlights of our parish's rich history. It will be a perfect evening to reminisce and connect with fellow parishioners.

Extravaganza Theatre Production - Saturday, December 7th: Enjoy a spectacular theatre production showcasing the talents within our parish community. A night of entertainment you won't want to miss!

Solemn High Mass & Pot-Luck Dinner - Sunday, December 8th: Join us for a  Solemn High Mass at 10:30am. There will also be arranged games commencing at 3pm followed by a pot-luck dinner. Share your favourite dish and enjoy arranged games for all ages, celebrating our shared journey and vibrant parish.

Come celebrate a century of blessings with Saint Antony's Parish. We look forward to seeing you there!