Ordination to Minor Orders Delayed - Rescheduled Pending His Excellency's Health

Source: District of the USA

The ordination to minor orders, scheduled for today, April 5, sadly had to be delayed. The ceremonies will be re-scheduled as soon as possible and we will update everyone accordingly.

Unfortunately, His Excellency Bishop Tissier was unable to ordain seminarians to the minor orders due to poor health. While he remains hospitalized due to an infection, he is in good spirits and appreciates any prayers for a speedy and full recovery. As of today, a routine surgery will be performed on Monday, April 8th, in order to ensure his full health.

The occasion for the surgery is the infected bug bite that he received while traveling in Europe. For some reason, the oral antibiotics that he was prescribed in Europe did not "take hold" and the infection developed into cellulitis. When, upon his return to the United States, it became clear that oral antibiotics were not proving effective, he was admitted into the hospital this past Saturday, March 30th, to receive intravenous antibiotics. Nevertheless, from recent medical imaging, it seems that some of the infected tissue has "walled itself off" (not an entirely uncommon occurrence with infections) and cannot be reached by intravenous antibiotics, his doctors felt that the safest and surest course was to do the simple surgery to take out the infected tissue.

As soon as we have an update, we will pass along the outcome. Please pray for His Excellency, the seminarians, and their families!