The Orphanage of the Consoling Sisters

Source: District of Australia and New Zealand

Benedicite Domino in omni tempore

Benedicite Domino in omni tempore

Dear friends in Christ,

“Benedicite Domino in omni tempore”, Bless the Lord at all times, whether there is lock down or no lock down! In some countries the lock down may be a thing of the past, but for us in India, we are still alternating between locks downs and no lock downs.

It’s kind of the same for us whether there is a lock down or not as the schools are not open. Some of the big girls have online classes, for all the rest we are doing home schooling for now. The big girls also pitch in and help us to teach the younger ones. They are really becoming very good teachers!

With minimum of outside influence, the girls are also behaving well and actually enjoying being at home and studying. It is giving them more time to develop other skills also. The little ones are enjoying their art work and the big ones are getting more time to become experts in playing musical instruments. Pauline, who came to us in 2009 when she was five years old, now plays the keyboard in the Church. Manjula, who was a rag picker when she came to us four years ago and has never been to school, tries hard to imitate Pauline akka (akka means elder sister). Gemma also who came to us when she was five years old, and who is in College now, spent hours together during the lockdown and made a beautiful Alb for Fr. Therasian with a netted lace which she made.

They get time to work in the garden also a little bit every morning. Under their care the Coconut garden is coming up well. They get a chance to play under those trees when it is hot outside.

Our old ladies are keeping fine. We got one new old lady, some 80+ years old, I think. She was thrown out of her house by her relatives (she has no kids of her own) and some government officials requested us to take her. She is a cute little old lady. She says she was baptized in some protestant church and now is very eager to have Catechism classes, so that she can be baptized as a Catholic and receive our Lord soon. Keep her and all of us in your prayers. Yes, Bless the Lord at all times that His work may continue…

Yours in Christ,

Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart


To help the Sisters and the orphanage

Benedicite Domino in omni tempore