Transfer of Archbishop Lefebvre - September 24, 2020 

Source: District of Canada

On September 24, 2020, the International Seminary of Saint Pius X celebrates the golden jubilee of its opening in Ecône. After the thanksgiving Mass for these 50 years, the body of His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre will be transferred from the seminary vault to the crypt of the church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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All the highlights of the ceremony:

00:00 50 years of the seminar

9:22 Entry procession

16:36 Prayers at the bottom of the altar

23:31 Gloria in excelsis Deo

28:01 Epistle sung by the sub-deacon

33:30 Alleluia 36:46 Gospel sung by the deacon

39:33 Sermon of H.E. Bishop Bernard Fellay

1:08:59 Offertory

1:13:23 Incense

1:17:27 Preface

1:21:28 Consecration

1:26:19 Pater Noster

1:28:37 Kissing of Peace

1:30:05 Communion of the Pontiff

1:32:24 Communion of the faithful

1:44:13 Ablutions

1:46:55 Postcommunion

1:48:32 Blessing

1:49:22 Song of the Te Deum in thanksgiving

1:55:10 Return of Clergy and Ministers to the sacristy

2:04:04 Announcements and instructions

2:16:34 Beginning of the procession to the vault

2:25:11 Prayers for the Lifting of the Body

2:29:12 Procession with the coffin to the church crypt

2:36:21 Arrival in the crypt

2:41:14 Signal failure - accidental interruption of the system that caused the casket to miss the absolution.

2:41:59 Blessing of the grave

2:49:50 Burial

2:51:13 Exit procession